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Tons and tons of photos!

So, what is a libertarian convention like, anyway? I'd never been to one before, yet somehow it was exactly as I'd pictured it. Hundreds of libertarians all in a confined space for three days - oh my! The hallways were filled with free trade economists, capitalists, anarchists, but mostly beer-drinkerists. The campaign acquired a 'hospitality suite' on the 22nd floor (ironically named the Presidential Suite - two years too late for that) and threw us a little party.

Or three. Check out our hip Badnarik Beer, mixed up special just for the occasion.

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Here's a fun game: try to count just how many libertarians can fit into a hotel party. We were very popular Friday night.

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Michael, holding forth and amusing the guests.

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You can always tell a libertarian by his tie.

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Smile indeed. A million bucks to whoever can guess the identity of this ever-so-shy model.

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And because Portland, Oregon is just such a lovely place, I'll include some local shots. This is Pioneer Square, the cool plaza downtown where musicians and other fine individuals gather. I thought it was delightful, particularly given the fabulous climate of the place. Coming from Texas, it was as if we'd all traveled back in time to April. See those hanging flowers by the Starbucks? They can do that because it actually doesn't get up to a hundred degrees in the day. Amazing!

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The view of Mt. Hood from the hotel. Stunning, wouldn't you agree?

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No, it isn't over - I've barely begun. Tomorrow I'll put up the photos for the actual convention itself, Saturday and Sunday. You've been warned.

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