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LP Convention - Day 2

Another early morning breakfast. This time our speaker was Krist Novoselic, the bass guitarist for some rock band called Firvana or maybe it was Mirvana. Anyway, he was a delightful speaker and spent several minutes extolling the virtues of Instant Runoff Voting, and how the system can help break the bipartisan grip Republicans and Democrats have on our country. Curious about how a rock star got so involved in politics? Apparently Seattle threw a lot of obstacles in the band's way, in the form of loud music ordinances and so on, and it made him think. If only so many more musicians would follow his example.

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Here's Jon with him at a party the night before. My brothers almost strangled me when they found out I didn't get his autograph, so I hope they'll be happy with this.

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Check out Krist's book, Of Grunge and Government.

More convention business swallowed up most of the day, including the contentious elections for party offices. Everyone please welcome Bill Redpath as our new Chair.

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And then it was time for the fun: our finale banquet. Even Allen dressed up for it, sort of.

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The banquet. Notice how my entire table is composed of men. This was very normal for the rest of the room. This skewed distribution could give a girl a big ego, if she's not careful.

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At the conclusion of the evening, an award for the Sam Adams Libertarian Activist was presented to Michael Badnarik, who insisted on sharing it with Jon Airheart since none of his work would have been possible without Jon's help. The room gave them both a standing ovation and the trophy now sits on Jon's desk at the office.

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And then it was all over. The next morning most of the attendees were straggling out of the hotel and flagging cabs, while the newly elected Libertarian National Committee held their first meeting. We kinda sorta axed most of the platform during Sunday's voting, so we've got a lot of work ahead of us before we'll be ready for the next presidential election. Still, it was a great weekend and I don't think we at the campaign wasted a second of it.

Hopefully you'll be able to join us at the next one!

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