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lighting the fires of liberty... on our tongues

On Sunday Michael and I attended the annual Hot Sauce Festival, put on jointly by the Austin Chronicle and the Capital Food Bank. I haven't been in years, so I was happy to use work as an excuse to hit the tables once more.

is exactly what it sounds like, of course. On the last Sunday in August, under a baking 100+ degree sun, Austinites swarm into the park where vendors have set out finest salsas. People stood in lines twenty deep, just to sample each flavor, and there were hundreds of flavors there that day.

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Nobody does salsa like Texas! Mmm, this is where we Texans are at our biggest Texacentrism, ready to brave even the deathly heat if it was our taste buds at stake. Citizens could sample as much as they liked, purchase a few jars, and of course vote for the People's Choice Salsa and People's Choice Hot Sauce. Yum. Unfortunately, I was so busy passing out fliers that I didn't get much of a chance for tasting, but I was able to buy a nice jar of Sunny Peach Salsa. (Don't look at me like that, fruit salsas are really yummy!)

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I'm not good at taking photos; I should have waited until they stopped to talk to Michael. But in fact, we did extremely well at this very non-political event, passing out over 300 fliers in just two hours and engaging several townsfolk in discussion. Everywhere we go, we find people that are so angry at the incumbent, people willing to vote for anyone just so long as he gets kicked out! At least 70% of those that asked Michael's party were (visibly) pleased to hear the word Libertarian, and on my end there was only one woman that actually refused to take the flier once she knew his party. As usual, here in Austin, just about everyone was extremely friendly and happy to chat. It helps we'd stationed ourselves next to the beer tent.

Next on the calendar is NORML's fundraiser concert this Saturday, at which the campaign will be hosting a table and reaching out to our young potsmoking market segment. I'll be needing at least two, possibly three volunteers for the event. Locals here are encouraged to sign up!
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