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The less frequently I'm posting something, the busier we are. As the campaign dwindles to a mere five weeks, events pile on top of one another and our poor underworked staff gets less and less of a chance to breathe. I say staff because, while Michael is every bit as busy as we are, he revels in this kind of schedule and seems to enjoy the lack of free time. On Sunday we left yet another festival, after a day of standing in the hot sun and passing out fliers by the thousands, and I was ready to drop. He was humming and tapping his toes to the radio. Michael - is - not - normal.

Saturday was a multi-county effort organized by anti-toll road activists, in opposition to the proposed TransTexas Corridor that Governor Perry intends to build. I've mentioned the campaign attending a few of these public hearings; the state intends to build a gigantic highway from Mexico through our state and on its way to Kansas City, paid for by tax dollars and then again via tolls by the drivers. And it will be owned and operated by a foreign corporation. All kinds of people are livid about this, so all the counties doomed to be sliced in half met at their county courthouse on the appointed day, each protestor with a cup of dirt to throw on the steps. "This is all the land yer gettin' out of us, Perry!" we yelled, more or less in unison, after someone read a speech. One of these groups have endorsed Carole Strayhorn, an Independent candidate for governor, which is why you see those particular signs. Michael, however, was the only candidate to actually show up and we made a great impression on the group.

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After the dirt-tossing we drove a few blocks south and camped out in the middle of Pecan Street Festival, a traditional biannual event in downtown Austin that features all the traditional stuff: giant pretzels, corn dogs, and funnel cake, a bungee swing and face painting, hundreds of vendors selling their hemp anklets etc..., and all the lemonade you could drink. Michael and I spent six sweltering hours there on Saturday and another six hours on Sunday, passing out a total of 2,400 fliers in the process. Play the numbers game and you can bet that got us a few more votes.

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It better. My nose got sunburned! Now Michael's gone off to participate in our Smile Brigade, so soon I should have photos of our volunteers trooping the streets. This weekend is Rice Fest in Katy, TX and the Dime Box Homecoming in Old Dime Box, TX, not to mention another NORML meeting and one or two interviews. Lots of fun. I am counting the weeks.

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