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venturing to the east side

We don't get to go as often as we'd like, thanks to the sheer distance between east and west borders of district 10. On a good day with no traffic, it still takes three hours to get from one end to the other - that's a six hour round trip just to make an event happen and not a time cost to be taken lightly. Plus, there just aren't that many events going on in the suburbs of Houston. But all that changed this weekend, with the lively and bustling Rice Fest of Katy, TX.

The Fest ran from 10:00 am to midnight on Saturday, 11:00 am to 6:00 pm on Sunday. I was busy running a table at the Dime Box Homecoming on Saturday, so it fell to Michael and Jon to take all our equipment and get set up, helped in no small way by our local Katy volunteer, Carl Wetzel. They spent Friday night at Carl's place and were able to get straight to the Fest to start bright and early. Not only were Michael, Jon, and Carl there, but our volunteer White Marriot drove down from Tomball (an hour and a half away) to help, plus Guy McLendon (Harris County LP chair) swung by to help out, PLUS Steve Gordon of the national LP (who just happened to be in Houston visiting family). It really was a full house - or rather, tent. With so many more people than we needed to pass out fliers, Jon organized an impromptu Smile Brigade and took Guy, Carl, and White out onto the street for added name recognition. They got a lot of honks, waves, and of course smiles, and everyone had a great time.

Carl and White came over again on Sunday to help me, in addition to Kevin Takenaga, visiting from California to give the campaign an extra hand, plus a volunteer Jazon Jez from neighboring town Sealy. I wish all events could have so many people pitching in. With all the help, it was more fun than anything we've done in a long time.

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