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Badnarik for Congress
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Welcome to the official Badnarik for Congress LJ community, maintained by Emily, aka campaignstaffer. This is not a forum to argue the merits of libertarianism, but I'll do my best to answer any questions.

The candidate is Michael Badnarik, presidential candidate for the Libertarian Party in 2004, and currently running for the House of Representatives in November. The seat is District 10, running roughly between east Austin and west Houston, and our opponents are Michael McCaul (R) and Ted Ankrum (D). McCaul is the incumbent, by just one term, and is a former federal prosecutor.

No one is invincible, even Texas Republicans, and we fully intend to win this election. Michael's got himself an excellent full-time staff and works very hard, usually until midnight which is when his staff must drag him from the office. I'm the Volunteer Coordinator, and I created this community to advertise campaign events and recruit volunteers. "But I live in Waythehellaway, not Texas!" you say? That's not important. You'd be surprised how many volunteers I already have scattered across the country, and what sort of tasks they do to help us out. Every little bit helps.

If you also hold a Myspace account, you can find us at http://www.myspace.com/badnarikforcongress.

Join, post, or comment to participate - all are welcome. If you'd like to contact me directly and talk about volunteering, here's all the info:

Emily Cowan
Volunteer Coordinator
Badnarik for Congress

Sites to check out:

National Libertarian Party - http://www.lp.org/
Texas Libertarian Party - http://www.lptexas.org/
Travis County Libertarian Party - http://www.austinliberty.org/
World's Smallest Political Quiz - http://www.theadvocates.org/quiz.html