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Lighting the Fires of Liberty [entries|friends|calendar]
Badnarik for Congress

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November 2008 [19 Aug 2007|03:52pm]

[ mood | curious ]

Does Mr. Badnarik have plans for the 2008 election or should this be regarded as a dead Community?

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our biggest group yet! [20 Oct 2006|11:23am]

[ mood | pleased ]

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Why have a normal billboard when you can go mobile? [18 Oct 2006|01:40pm]

[ mood | busy ]

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Go here to watch some video clips of Smile Brigade and other Badnarik stuff.

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venturing to the east side [09 Oct 2006|03:29pm]

We don't get to go as often as we'd like, thanks to the sheer distance between east and west borders of district 10. On a good day with no traffic, it still takes three hours to get from one end to the other - that's a six hour round trip just to make an event happen and not a time cost to be taken lightly. Plus, there just aren't that many events going on in the suburbs of Houston. But all that changed this weekend, with the lively and bustling Rice Fest of Katy, TX.

The Fest ran from 10:00 am to midnight on Saturday, 11:00 am to 6:00 pm on Sunday. I was busy running a table at the Dime Box Homecoming on Saturday, so it fell to Michael and Jon to take all our equipment and get set up, helped in no small way by our local Katy volunteer, Carl Wetzel. They spent Friday night at Carl's place and were able to get straight to the Fest to start bright and early. Not only were Michael, Jon, and Carl there, but our volunteer White Marriot drove down from Tomball (an hour and a half away) to help, plus Guy McLendon (Harris County LP chair) swung by to help out, PLUS Steve Gordon of the national LP (who just happened to be in Houston visiting family). It really was a full house - or rather, tent. With so many more people than we needed to pass out fliers, Jon organized an impromptu Smile Brigade and took Guy, Carl, and White out onto the street for added name recognition. They got a lot of honks, waves, and of course smiles, and everyone had a great time.

Carl and White came over again on Sunday to help me, in addition to Kevin Takenaga, visiting from California to give the campaign an extra hand, plus a volunteer Jazon Jez from neighboring town Sealy. I wish all events could have so many people pitching in. With all the help, it was more fun than anything we've done in a long time.

photosCollapse )
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:) [04 Oct 2006|04:39pm]

[ mood | pleased ]

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warned ya there'd be Smile Brigade photosCollapse )

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a simple rule of thumb: [03 Oct 2006|05:02pm]

[ mood | busy ]

The less frequently I'm posting something, the busier we are. As the campaign dwindles to a mere five weeks, events pile on top of one another and our poor underworked staff gets less and less of a chance to breathe. I say staff because, while Michael is every bit as busy as we are, he revels in this kind of schedule and seems to enjoy the lack of free time. On Sunday we left yet another festival, after a day of standing in the hot sun and passing out fliers by the thousands, and I was ready to drop. He was humming and tapping his toes to the radio. Michael - is - not - normal.

our Austin 'Dirt' Party and the yearly Pecan Street FestivalCollapse )

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events piling on top of one another [13 Sep 2006|04:14pm]

[ mood | busy ]

It's getting to that point where I don't even have enough time to upload my photos, few though they are, because it's just one fest after another. In the past 5 days, the campaign has been to Manor Fest, Kolache Fest, the TX vs OSU game, Peace Fest, a forum on election fraud hosted by the League of Women Voters, and an actual candidate forum in Brenham hosted by the Retired Teacher's Association. Plus a three-hour interview with Robert Scott Bell on Sunday.


Manor FestCollapse )

at the gameCollapse )

Peace FestCollapse )

League of Women's VotersCollapse )

Candidate ForumCollapse )

(wilts) Okay, I'm caught up. For now. This doesn't even include the 9/11 event Michael went to Monday night with Jon, as I was elsewhere occupied. Thursday is a trip to the movies to see Alex Jones' Terrorstorm, and on Friday the gang's all off to Houston for a Common Grounds event with the Green Party. But don't take my word for it. You can see everything that's coming up, in minute detail, at our new calendar. New feature of the website - check it out!

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someone's a film student [06 Sep 2006|11:17am]

[ mood | impressed ]

Kinda entertaining and kinda scary...

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the fuss and furor in TX over our future governor [30 Aug 2006|12:15pm]

[ mood | busy ]

forwarded from Richard Forsythe:

How low? BELO

Unless you think a big corporation should be allowed to tell you who you're not supposed to vote for, this'll interest you. Media giant BELO has decided that none of you might like a Libertarian Governor and you don't need to hear what one would do to fix all of Texas' problems. Whether you're a Libertarian or not you should be offended that a Big media company should be allowed to exclude a viable gubernatorial candidate because they don't like him! In truth they're afraid of Libertarians and exclude us from all media because they suspect everyone would vote that way if they knew the truth about all issues.
Here's one example from a Libertarian candidate's website, Massive Fraud Perpetrated on People of Texas!

Stand up for your right to make your own decisions about who is a viable candidate for Governor!! If a novelty candidate like Kinky 'Salsa' Freidman and another independent can get into the public debates then surely a candidate associated with the 3rd largest party in America should be in it!! Libertarian candidate James Werner was made to fill out forms neither of those two had to, and was still excluded. Third party candidates (unlike Dems and Reps) must pay signature volunteers to gather thousands of signatures even just to get on the ballot. That's akin to running a marathon just to get to the footrace! Every year the Big 2 parties make it harder and harder for alternative parties even to get on the ballot!

That's un-American!

With only 2 basically identical parties on the ballot your true choices have been eliminated and we're then living in a dictatorship! The Libertarian Party is the only non-collectivist (truly financially conservative, socially tolerant) party on the ballot! You deserve that choice if you want it! America is now a ONE party system with 2 factions!

Their bi-partisan debates are nothing more than taxpayer financed advertisements for each of the 2 identical candidates!!!

e.g. If both candidates are for the war (Bush/Kerry) where's your other choice?!?!? He (Badnarik) was standing outside trying to get into the building!

PLEASE email/call/fax BELO, Fox and every other newspaper, daily free paper and media corporation about this travesty. Here's a big list of Fox and other, news email contacts you can easily paste into the Bcc: field of your email (so they don't know who else it's going to) and only write one email. A "form email" is written below by James Werner you can use for expediency.

the recipientsCollapse )

If you don't do this now you may not have the choice later as the election laws are getting tougher every year only for 3rd party candidates.

Thank you!


suggested letter to sendCollapse )

How Low? Belo

Belo Corp. Headquarters

Street Address:
400 South Record Street
Dallas, Texas 75202-4841
214-977-6603 (fax)

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 655237
Dallas, Texas 75265-5237


The media totally excludes all mention to Libertarians 99.5% of the time. Why? Because Libertarians would end government corruption greed and theft of your rights and taxes and the other party with 2-faces (the Demopublicans) know it! Presidential candidate Michael Badnarik got arrested trying to get into the presidential debates right before the 04' elections along with another 3rd party candidate yet did ANY news media mention it? NO! Cats caught in trees got more mention that week in the news! You should be outraged!!!! If ANY other Presidential candidate got arrested a month before the elections it would have been on the front page in every paper!!!

http://www.e-thepeople.org/article/35752/ The media is controlled. Badnarik arrest.

http://www.orwellrollsinhisgrave.com/ The media is totally controlled. What you always suspected.

A letter from James Werner.Collapse )

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lighting the fires of liberty... on our tongues [28 Aug 2006|12:47pm]

[ mood | pleased ]

On Sunday Michael and I attended the annual Hot Sauce Festival, put on jointly by the Austin Chronicle and the Capital Food Bank. I haven't been in years, so I was happy to use work as an excuse to hit the tables once more.

The Hot Sauce FestivalCollapse )

Next on the calendar is NORML's fundraiser concert this Saturday, at which the campaign will be hosting a table and reaching out to our young potsmoking market segment. I'll be needing at least two, possibly three volunteers for the event. Locals here are encouraged to sign up!

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Happy Birthday - again [22 Aug 2006|10:50am]

[ mood | chipper ]

This time it was Ron Paul's turn, and he and his staff threw their annual barbecue blast down in Texas City (that's between Houston and the Gulf, for you non-Texans). It was some kind of drive to get there from Austin, but in the end, worth it. Not only was the food and company great, but we were able to meet with Ron's staff (some of us for the first time!) and swap howdies from one freedom-lovin' group to another.

deep in the heart of texasCollapse )

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to the edge and back [18 Aug 2006|12:40pm]

[ mood | tired ]

Of the district that is. Anyone acquainted with the geography of District 10 knows it's particularly wide in girth and short in height, making it one heck of a pain to travel between the western and eastern ends. But that is what I did, on Wednesday, rousing myself at 4:00 am so that I could make it to Michael McCaul's congressional hearing on border violence and immigration in Houston, TX. It began at 9:30, so I could not afford even an extra minute of sleep.

It wasn't fun.Collapse )

Someone has got to tell the pro-immigration side to stop chanting in Spanish. Every syllable just annoys the con side even more and adds fuel to the flame. You can hardly blame them for wanting an English-speaking country, though of course such a law is not Constitutionally allowed to our federal government. After a solid morning of trading simplistic chants across the chain link barrier, neither side seemed much in the mood for reasonable discussion. Still, Frank and I passed out Badnarik brochures at the noon break.

The hearing itself wasn't anything exceptional, though it was certainly long. Thanks to McCaul's clever campaign strategy of never showing up, anywhere, Wednesday was the first day any of us on the staff even got to see him in person. Ted Ankrum, the Democrat candidate, was also in attendance, making it all the more a pity that Michael could not come. (He was in Austin for a Taxpayers' Rights event) McCaul opened up the hearing quite amiably, explaining that this was a solemn and important issue and it would be a shame for anyone to politicize it.

He then spent the rest of the day reminding everyone that his House bill would solve any problem you could name, and when he wasn't talking about it then Sheila Jackson Lee would remind us that her bill will solve all those problems even better. It was, in a word, shameful.

The witnesses were a worthy group of border patrol agents and local sherriffs from the border areas, all with horrific and (I'm sure) very truthful accounts of gang violence and drug cartels. Nobody addressed the issue of why these black market groups have so much power. (Hint: it's supply and demand) Instead we listened to story after story of all the weapons these gangs have, how well equipped they are, how dangerous a war it is for our agents. None of this is insignifcant, but it's a stretch to say it was solving a problem. And since McCaul only seemed interested in plugging his bill after every testimony, he didn't seem very interested in a new solution either.

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Happy Birthday, Mike [09 Aug 2006|05:29pm]

[ mood | pleased ]

Monday night we all congregated in the private room at Sherlock's Pub, lit a couple* candles, and sang Michael a birthday song to remember. Turns out, libertarians are not a particularly tuneful bunch. However, the cake was chocolate, very good, and there were plenty of people to share it. Roughly 35 people showed up to wish Michael a happy birthday, and we had a great time.

He's not telling anyone the wish he made when he blew out the candles, but says it's "something to do with November".

And then we all watched V for Vendetta on the big screen. I'd never seen it before, and I must say... if you're a libertarian then you definitely need to. It's hard to find a movie out there that's any less subtle about the dangers of government power. The whole thing was like a cross between Phantom of the Opera and Zorro, with the entire Declaration of Independence and Constitution thrown in for good measure.

Plus lots of explosives and stuff. Check it out!

* couple is technically not inaccurateCollapse )

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Happy Birthday [31 Jul 2006|04:59pm]

Austin-area readers are encouraged to come celebrate Michael turning 52 years young, next Monday. We'll be serving cake and showing V for Vendetta on a wide screen, no cover charge whatsoever. Michael politely requests no presents, but naturally campaign contributions are always welcome.

Nonlocal readers can always go here to make a donation, of course. Make it a good birthday for our fave candidate!

August 7th - 7-10pm
Sherlock’s Pub
9012 Research Blvd.
Austin, Texas 78758
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Rally against the Corridor [28 Jul 2006|05:43pm]

[ mood | pleased ]

On Wednesday, Michael, Jon, Matt and I all trundled into the campaign van for a short road trip to Giddings, TX. It's about an hour from Austin, and also smack dab in the proposed pathway of the TransTexas Corridor, an almost universally loathed project of Governor Perry.

There are a number of reasons to hate it, which results in a varied group of interests coming to the public hearing that was held on Wednesday. It will present security issues at the Mexican border, cleave through the Texan countryside and demolish citizens' property, and will be managed by a foreign company that will be charging us tolls to use it. Now, a libertarian will be the last person to complain that a project is being managed by a private firm rather than the government, but that's assuming we want the project in the first place. And we don't!

The attendance was good; roughly 100 residents of Giddings and the surrounding area showed up to speak their piece - and there was very little peace in the room. Out of the 14 attendees to speak at the microphone, 0 had good things to say about the Corridor. Many pointed out it would destroy their farms, farms that had been in the family for generations. People worried about security. They resented paying a toll for a highway they don't even want. This is, to put it plainly, a brazen trespass on the rights of Texans. Governor Perry is in hot water with his constituents, and 'Republican' has become a dirty word even here in rural Texas.

They were in a mood to listen to someone with a different idea. At the door Matt and I took turns handing out our Badnarik brochure and an accompany flier on eminent domain, getting at least one into the hands of every citizen who attended the hearing. Michael spoke at the mic at the end of the evening, explaining that this is an example of the dangers of big government, and that he and other libertarians will never allow such a violation of property rights if elected. And when it was over and everyone trickled out, we made sure at least half the crowd left with a bumper sticker. All in all, a very satisfying evening.

a couple of photosCollapse )

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LP Convention - Day 2 [07 Jul 2006|11:20am]

[ mood | busy ]

of flannel shirts and flag-decorated tiesCollapse )

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LP convention - Day 1 [07 Jul 2006|10:57am]

[ mood | busy ]

those long nights, impossible oddsCollapse )

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Tons and tons of photos! [06 Jul 2006|06:33pm]

[ mood | busy ]

I went to the LP National Convention in Portland and all I got were these amusing photosCollapse )

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a surprisingly good article in the mainstream press... [20 Jun 2006|10:55am]

[ mood | pleased ]

GOP's hands caught in the cookie jar

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Congress is so addicted to the corrosive influence of lobby money that
even a former member pulling a prison stretch and the promise of more
criminal convictions can't spur the leadership kick the habit.

An investigation into a widespread lobbying scandal will carry over
into the fall election, threatening GOP control of the House of
. As part of that probe, former U.S. Rep. Randy "Duke"
Cunningham was sent to prison this year for accepting bribes to add
"earmarks" into federal spending bills.

Earmarks are pet projects inserted into congressional bills, sometimes
in the middle of the night before a vote. Earmarks can be added
anonymously and without other members being advised they are in a bill
that had been debated previously.Read more...Collapse )

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We're Here and We're... Drinking Beer! [12 Jun 2006|03:51pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

While Michael and the rest of the campaign marched off to Houston to headline the Texas LP's convention, I stayed behind to work a Badnarik For Congress table at the local gay pride festival. I'm pleased to report that the day was a very successful one - we passed out at least 300 fliers, which is a good sum considering it was a rather smallish event. Everyone was polite, courteous, and several were very interested in Michael's race. Everytime someone asked "Republican or Democrat?" and I answered "Libertarian," the response was invariably a pleased nod and smile.

Obviously, they know who's really on their side!

I didn't take as many photos this time, since I was so busy handing out fliers, but you can see the few I took here.

pride!Collapse )

Here's a copy of the flier we spent all day handing out, in addition to brochures and bumper stickers. I spent all of one day on it, with valuable suggestions from both Allen and Jon, and I'm very pleased with it. (Picture it with the Badnarik logo on top.)

flierCollapse )

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